Used Cars for Sale in Grand Rapids and Grandville MI at Borgman Ford Mazda 49418

24 Sep 2013 
A friend of mine found this information and passed it to me. We had recently been talking about this very topic, and while it proves they were right I still think it is helpful information that consumers needs to understand. I hope you found this as useful as I have.

Used Cars for Sale in Grand Rapids and Grandville MI at Borgman Ford Mazda 49418

3150 28th Street SW
Grandville, MI 49418

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Brit Sought For Job Living 'Life Of Luxury'

21 Sep 2013 
I was having a conversation with my friend fairly recently. They were quite infatuated about this topic, and when I came across this information I knew it would be a fantastic idea to pass it along. Please leave comments about it if you have any thoughts or questions..

Brit Sought For Job Living 'Life Of Luxury'
The Huffington Post UK  |  By Asa Bennett (function($) huff.js('jquery/jquery.tooltip.hp.js', function() $('.fb-tooltip').show(); $('.twitter-tooltip').show(); $('.social-icons-border').hide(); $('.posted-and-updated').css('display', 'block') $('.fb-tooltip').toolTip( toolTipWidth : 250, html : 'Get updates from Asa Bennett\n \n \n \n \n Like\n \n \n \n 5\n \n \n \n\n' ); ); (jQuery)); Posted: 17/09/2013 11:00 BST
One lucky Brit could be paid to live a "life of luxury", having to take on tasks like testing out the newest cars, lounging in the finest hotels and dining out at the hottest restaurants in town.
Luxury launch website VeryFirstTo is hunting for an individual to take on such a task. The exact salary is up for negotiation.
"This will involve sampling the finest products and experiences that the luxury world is launching. From newly opening prestigious restaurants; hotels; and galleries to just released luxury handbags; tech; jewellery; cars; homeware; beauty products; and yachts," the firm writes.
The firm wants to hire someone who lives in Britain who would be "discerning, eloquent, familiar with fashion, hospitality, cuisine and technology and have experience of the luxury market."
VeryFirstTo founder Marcel Knobil said: "Whilst this might be the most pleasurable job imaginable, it is also a vital position. Our members rely upon us to reveal the latest launching luxury products and experiences - we are determined to find an extremely discerning individual who'll be the first to trial them.

"We are welcoming applications, but only from those who can distinguish between: the roar of a Bentley and Lexus engine, and the touch of cashmere and vicuña."
Queue up now to apply and be sure to get your application in by the 27th September.
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Can NYC Set Guinness Record for Most People Twerking Simultaneously?

20 Sep 2013 
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Can NYC Set the Guinness Record for Most People Twerking Simultaneously?
Celebrity, Sex, Fashion for Women. Without Airbrushing.
Sex · Fashion · Dirt bag · Dating · Advice
New Orleans' Bounce Queen Big Freedia is taking it to New York City's Herald Square to attempt to set the Guinness World Record for "most people twerking simultaneously."
According to a spokestwerksperson for Madison Square Garden, they need 250 dancers to establish the record, which, unsurprisingly, is not yet on the books.
If you're looking to get in on the action, you gotta be at Madison Square Garden at noon on Wednesday, Sept. 25. Actually, I'm not sure if just anyone can show up, so sit your ass down, Miley. Leave this to the professionals.
The event is also a promotion for Big Freedia's new reality show, Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce, which debuts Oct. 2 at 11 p.m on Fuse TV.
[DNA Info]
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GTA V brings the heat | UWire

19 Sep 2013 
Regardless of how much you feel you know about weblink as well as on imp source, visit these awesome web-sites to be educated on truly necessary info.

GTA V brings the heat | UWire
Posted on September 19, 2013

GTARockstar Games’ newest creation has managed to keep the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) gameplay that everyone loves while making it bigger.
The newest game in the GTA series marks a significant point in the evolution of the game’s social acceptance. In the beginning, playing GTA was taboo. It was a game that your parents would not buy for you because of the rating and the image the game portrayed. If you played it, it was a friend’s copy whose parents let them play it.
The GTA franchise took off in 2002 with the release of GTA Vice City. What Vice City did was turn a once underground game to a more socially acceptable pastime. Since then, with releases of games like GTA San Andreas and GTA IV, the series has taken off to the plateau of one of the most played games around.
GTA V showcases all the aspects of the gameplay of its predecessors with different and unique missions that allow the player to explore the vast, open world.
The biggest differences between GTA V and its previous installments the ability to control three different characters in the game and the scope of the playable environment.
GTA V takes place in the fictional U.S. state of San Andreas, which houses the equally fictional city of Los Santos and its surrounding environments. The player can embark on different missions with the main protagonist, with the other two playable characters being met along the way. As with past games, the missions start out relatively easy and get progressively harder.
Though the missions are dynamic and engaging, putting them on the back burner and taking the time to explore the world is where this game will be set apart from the rest. Flying planes and helicopters are only the beginning. From driving a sports car up a mountain to gang wars erupting out of thin air makes this game worth buying just to see what the world has to offer. Just make sure you do not have several stars on you while trying to commandeer a plane.
On top of sheer scope, other aspects of the game have seen extreme makeovers. The graphics make it seem like the player is playing the roles of characters in a feature film. Minor things have been improved in the gameplay as well.
The cars handle more realistically and don’t feel like plastic. Most things in the game can be run over and destroyed with a vehicle. Wooden objects, however, are indestructible. A tow truck will not be able to knock down a wooden light pole and will be stopped in its tracks. Oddly enough, if it is made of metal, it will fall easily. Good things to know when attempting to evade a few squad cars.
Overall, GTA V is a great game. The gameplay and graphics have been improved over GTA IV and other past games. The dealmaker, though, is the size and pure depth of the world, which can be explored. Hours can be spilt into this game without even scratching the surface of the content.
Read more here:
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Aluminum in Autos Better than Steel to Save Energy and Cut Carbon, Oak Ridge National Lab Confirms - Yahoo Finance

19 Sep 2013 
This uniquely talented writer gives interesting information regarding More about the author and also on check my blog.

Aluminum in Autos Better than Steel to Save Energy and Cut Carbon, Oak Ridge National Lab Confirms - Yahoo Finance
Thu, Sep 19, 2013, 5:32 PM EDT - U.S. Markets closed

Opting for aluminum over steel in new automobile construction to improve fuel economy is also the best way to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, according to a new study by the United States Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL).
“As the U.S. works to reduce dependence on foreign oil, promote clean energy and combat climate change, this report definitively documents why aluminum offers the most promise for cutting total automotive-related carbon emissions and energy use,” said ORNL’s Sujit Das, a widely respected expert on product lifecycle assessments.
“This study adds even more evidence that switching car bodies from steel to aluminum is the next logical step for car makers to take in the drive to reduce emissions,” said Randall Scheps, chairman of the Aluminum Association’s Transportation Group (ATG) and automotive marketing director for Alcoa, Inc. “There is already ample evidence that aluminum is a safe, durable and cost effective material for car bodies. Now ORNL has shown that aluminum is better than steel on a full lifecycle CO2 basis. That is the icing on the cake.”
Highlights from the ORNL study include:
The ORNL study modeled a typical 2012 crossover SUV reflective of the average on-the-road vehicle in the U.S. in terms of weight, performance, fuel economy and materials mix of steel, high-strength steel and aluminum. Building on an earlier crossover SUV study by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (Light-Duty Vehicle Mass Reduction and Cost Analysis — Midsize Crossover Utility Vehicle, Aug 2012), ORNL researchers analyzed a baseline SUV (a comprehensive mix of mild and high- strength steel), a lightweight steel vehicle (optimized for maximum use of high-strength and advanced high-strength steel), and a lightweight aluminum intensive vehicle (including currently available body, doors, trunk and hood applications).
“The ORNL environmental report is timely as there is an increasingly loud aluminum buzz in the auto industry right now – and with good reason. Automakers are projecting to double aluminum use within less than a decade as high-volume, all aluminum vehicles move from design studios to showrooms in the not-too-distant future. We already knew aluminum offers great fuel economy, safety and performance advantages, and now it’s proven to be best positioned to cut greenhouse gasses and save energy too,” said Scheps.
The modeling for this study conforms to internationally recognized standard practices (ISO 14040 and 14044). Comparative data sets used in the study were provided directly to ORNL researchers by the U.S. steel and aluminum industries respectively, both sets of which are current, peer-reviewed and publicly available. The Aluminum Association underwrote the effort.
The ORNL study is consistent with an earlier independent study by the magnesium industry which also concluded that aluminum has the smallest carbon footprint of competing materials when examining total lifecycle CO2 emissions. In addition:
For access to the full study, facts, and other research about how aluminum builds a better vehicle, visit, and follow us on Twitter @DriveAluminum.
About Oak Ridge National Laboratory
UT-Battelle manages ORNL for DOE's Office of Science. The Office of Science is the single largest supporter of basic research in the physical sciences in the United States and is working to address some of the most pressing challenges of our time. For more information, please visit
About the Aluminum Association
Through its Aluminum Transportation Group, the Aluminum Association communicates the benefits of aluminum in ground transportation applications to help accelerate its penetration through research programs and related outreach activities. The ATG’s mission is to serve member companies and act as a central resource for the automotive and commercial vehicle industries on aluminum issues. Members of the ATG include: Alcoa Inc., Novelis Inc., Rio Tinto Alcan, Aluminum Precision Products Inc., Kaiser Aluminum Corporation and Sapa Extrusions North America.

By mishandling the situation in Syria, President Obama has transformed himself nearly instantly into something …
10 sentences to never say to a man
A decade later, ex-Pfc. Jessica Lynch's new life
Navy Yard shooter cursed woman in wheelchair
Kerry's directive to U.N. Security Council
Jon Gosselin's humble new career
Miley Cyrus's ex moves on with new flame
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Ken Norton Remembered As One Of The Best Heavyweights Of All Time

19 Sep 2013 
I was having a conversation with my boss not to long ago. They were quite obsessed about this subject, and when I ran this literature I knew it would be a fantastic idea to pass it along. Please post comments about it if you have any questions..

Ken Norton Remembered As One Of The Best Heavyweights Of All Time
The Inquisitr
Ken Norton will be best remembered for facing down Muhammad Ali three times in the 1970s, breaking Ali’s jaw and earning a stunning upset in the first bout.
But after the death of the 70-year-old Norton this week, boxing historians taking a larger look at his career are recognizing Norton as possibly one of the best heavyweight champions of all time.
Norton died in the Las Vegas suburb of Henderson, and had been in poor health in the last several years after suffering a number of strokes.
Ken Norton took the North American Boxing Federation heavyweight title in 1973 after an upset of Muhammad Ali. Norton bloodied Ali during the fight, breaking his jaw and ultimately winning in a 12-round split decision.
“Ali thought it would be an easy fight,” Norton’s former manager, Gene Kilroy, told The Associated Press. “But Norton was unorthodox. Instead of jabbing from above like most fighters, he would put his hand down and jab up at Ali.”
The fight was so rough on Ali that when Norton went to visit him in the hospital afterward, Ali said he never wanted to fight again.
That sentiment didn’t last long, and within six month Ali and Norton met again in the ring. This time Ali won in a split decision.
The two fought for a third time in 1976 at Yankee Stadium. Though Ken Norton lost on a unanimous decision, the more than 30,000 people in the crowd booed the decision.
“I was never the same fighter after that,” Norton told Red Smith of The New York Times in October 1979. “I never trained so hard again, never could put the same feeling into it. I was at my best that night, in the best shape I ever was.”
The fight, and the strength of his entire career, has placed Norton among the best fighters of all time.
Ken Norton ended with a career record of 42-7-1, including 33 knockouts. Aside from his bouts with Ali, Norton also battled George Forman, Larry Holmes, and Earnie Shavers during his career.
Ken Norton was a gifted all-around athlete, playing football at Northeast Missouri State University and picking up boxing when he joined hte Marine Corps in 1963.
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